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Blogging about Enterprise Architecture, ALM, DevOps & happy times coding in .Net

Defining my terms

It’s time to start sharing, testing and promoting my ideas and solutions on interested topics. Over the past few years both my StackOverflow profile and Twitter account have been a great way of engaging the .Net community both receiving and giving. Reflecting my development and success developing .net solutions right across the Microsoft stack these two mediums have served me well. My focus now switches over to Enterprise Architecture and a longer term view of application software which a blog lends itself a more suitable solution.

Why keep track of this blog?

If you’re interested in my content then take note of this rss feed. You’ll find me blogging about the following.

  • Enterprise Architecture
    Journeying into delivering Enterprise applications using all the knowledge of building .Net applications over the last decade. I’m hoping to also provide some insight into governance and more formalised standards including TOGAF and how this works with delivery using Scrum.
  • Application Lifecycle Management & DevOps
    I still like to get my hands dirty with build tools so you’ll snippets of powershell or customised build scripts for TFS.

There will be the odd post on productivity tools and strategies as I explore better ways of working.

Keep in touch

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