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Sketchnote from DDDNorth 2015

Another fantastic event with a brilliant range of topics and I captured one of them in a new sketchnote presented below. The day started with a session on Sketchnoting for Developers which covered most of what I know about sketchnoting so far.

Other sessions I attended included:

  • IoT development fun with .NET and Rasberry PI @christosmatskas (slides) – Potentially a great session but was a little short and missed sharing some lessons learnt during the development process.
  • Microservice Architecture, what is it, why it matters and how to implement it in .NET @shawty_ds (slides) – I heard about Nancy previously but after this talk I tried it for the first time and was impressed at how easy it was to get it up and running. Another useful takeaway was the topshelf library for creating windows services.
  • Monoliths to Microservices @samelamin (slides) – See the sketchnote below. Really good and valuable real world experience, try and catch this talk at other conferences where Sam is presenting.
  • Monitoring and addressing technical debt with SonarQube @richardfennell (slides) – Again some good real world experience and factors to consider when starting with SonarQube.

Onto my sketchnote. I’m still using the same pen and paper as I did in my last attempt but this time I didn’t feel the need to sketch each session and stuck to the one I felt was of most value to me. And this time I used a scanner to take a copy which gives a much better result than my phone.

DDDNorth 2015 Monoliths 2 Microservices

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