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Sketchnotes from SDD Deep Dive 2015

This was something new for me; sketchnoting a 3 day workshop. The workshop was Architecting applications for the enterprise hosted by the Software Design & Development group as part of their Deep Dives series.

Dino Esposito is someone who I’m familiar with as I have both editions of the book he co-authored Architecting Applications for the Enterprise (Microsoft Press). So I approached this workshop with some prior knowledge of the subject matter. I was surprised when I managed to produce only one sheet of A5 for each day of the workshop, I thought I would have had pages and pages of them.

So what did I learn?

  • Sketchnoting technical content is hard
  • I’m getting better at focusing on the BIG ideas
  • I like my freebie pen I got at DDDEA, more on that later
  • I will make mistakes (spelling, positioning) but they can be fixed, nearly always
  • Using a pencil helps when you’re not sure, is it cheating?

SDD 2015 D1SDD 2015 D2SDD 2015 D3

The pen I’ve switched to was a freebie I received at DDDEA from the stand. It flows really well, is multifunctional and has a bit of meat to it so it feels great in my hand. It has a stylus, pen and light. The ink refil has D15 written on it which I followed to find the pen. Nice bit of conference swag.

Photo_2015-11-13_06-56-28_PM - Copy

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