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ASP.NET Core from NDC London 2016

Following my recent post on adopting .NET Core I wanted to share some talks and workshop material from NDC London.

Workshop: What’s new in ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6

Two days with Damian Edwards and David Fowler was a fantastic opportunity to dive into the deep end and get a taste of things to come. All of the labs can be found in this repository but for ease I’ve listed them below. Note! All of the code developed was against .NET Core RC2 from the daily builds.

A brief history of ASP.NET: From 1.0 to 5.0 - Damian Edwards and David Fowler

Saying “Goodbye” to DNX and “Hello!” to the .NET Core CLI - Damian Edwards & David Fowler

Middleware Tips and Tricks for ASP.NET 5 - Scott Allen

ASP.NET 5 on Docker

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